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ACP / Dashboard

The dashboard shows an at-a-glance overview of your NodeBB, including pageviews collated by time and day, and other interesting metrics such as current active user count and user location.

System Control

The "Reload", "Restart", and "Maintenance Mode" buttons allow you to administer the running process of NodeBB.

  • Reload - refreshes all stylesheets, js files, and templates. Clears caches if there are any. The NodeBB server is kept running.
  • Restart - Brings down the NodeBB server and starts it up again. Refreshes all assets and clears all caches. A restart is recommended if you have activated or deactivated plugins.
  • Maintenace Mode - Brings you to the maintenance mode page, allowing you to temporarily restrict access to your forum.


The updates section queries the NodeBB project for a new version of NodeBB, and determines whether you are up-to-date. There is no requirement to update NodeBB, although it is usually recommended in order to obtain the latest features and bug fixes.


The notices allows NodeBB and various plugins to quickly determine if action is required (e.g. if a restart is required).